Apostasy Watch
 Wolf Reports  


The Truth About Christian Television

Meet the Apostles & Prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation

Hebrew Roots Movement

The Prophetic Movement - resources on false prophets

Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Florida Revival

Holy Laughter Research Information - includes Toronto & Pensacola

The Brownsville (Pensacola) Revival

Delivered from the Toronto curse!

Toronto Pastor Repents

Steve Shultz & The Elijah List

David Barton - Fake Historian

Mike Bickle - I.H.O.P.

William Branham - Deceased

Harold Camping - Deceased

Tony Campolo

Morris Cerullo includes "Miracle" video

Mark Chironna

Kim Clement - includes videos

Kenneth Copeland - includes video's

Paul Crouch/TBN - Deceased (Crouch is deceased but unfortunately TBN continues for now)

John Crowder/Sons of Thunder

Doyle Davidson

Tom Deckard

Creflo Dollar  includes video's

Mark Driscoll

Jesse DuPlantis

Terry Durham aka the Pint Sized Preacher

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and the IFCJ

David Eells

James Ewing

Ana Mendez Ferrell

Steven Furtick/Elevation Church

Bill Gothard/ATI

Jack Hayford

John Hagee - includes video

I.V. & Bridget Hilliard

Benny Hinn - includes video's

Cindy Jacobs

T.D. Jakes

Bill Johnson/Bethel Church - includes videos

Stan Johnson/The Prophecy Club

Bob Jones - Deceased

Bernard Jordan

T.B. Joshua, Nigerian Prophet/Preacher

Rick Joyner

Patricia King - Extreme Prophetic - includes videos

Bob Larson

Ron Luce/Teen Mania Ministries - includes video

Clarence McClendon

Joyce Meyer

Beth Moore

Mike Murdock

Arnold Murray/Shepherds Chapel - Deceased

Joel Osteen

Rod Parsley

Bishop Earl Paulk - Deceased

Peter Popoff

Joseph Prince

Pat Robertson

Michael Rood/A Rood Awakening

Maurice Sklar

Jimmy Swaggart

Robert Tilton

Jack Van Impe

Rick Warren  includes video

Ronald Weinland - Currently incarcerated for tax evasion

Paula & Randy White

Rick Wiles/Trunews

Andrew Wommack


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