Apostasy Watch
 Mike Bickle - I.H.O.P.  

Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer (I.H.O.P.)

Video - Real Discernment - Glory Clouds at IHOP

Mike Bickle among “those pastors who want to join the Catholics in unity”

The Prosperity Priestess and the Pied Piper of IHOP

IHOP's Bridal Eschatology: A Frightening New Direction

The Kansas City Prophets Exposed -The Roots of the Revival

Love and Death in the House of Prayer

What Rolling Stone Didn’t Tell You About Tyler Deaton

Video - The Deception of the International House of Prayer

Mike Bickle will allow fake manifestations “to allow the genuine to take place”?

Bickle's Bible Botching

Video - IHOP is Dangerous - Stephanie's Testimony

The Sandy Foundation of the International House of Prayer (IHOP)

IHOP Student Confesses to Murdering Former IHOP Intern

Former Protestants, now Catholic converts, speaking at IHOP-KC Onething 2012

Contemplative prayer on IHOP-KC’s “Core Values” list

Mike Bickle admits Catholic Contemplative influence on IHOP-KC

IHOP-KC “partners” with Catholics for Onething Christian Conference

Growing Pains in the Prophetic

Mike Bickle of IHOP instructs followers on contemplative prayer

Mike Bickle wants book about Catholic mystics to be “manual for IHOP-KC”

IHOP's New Breed Leaders

IHOP & the NAR - The Formation of a Revolution

Revisionism and The Blueprint Prophecy

Unholy manifestations at IHOP

Former Member Says IHOP is a Cult

Forerunner Eschatology - Mike Bickle's End-Time Teaching & I.H.O.P.

Julies Story - An Early IHOP member reveals How the Lord led them out

Mike Bickle and International House of Prayer by Bob DeWaay

Mike Bickle's Gigolo Jesus by Herescope Ministries

IHOP Openly Promotes Contemplative Prayer/Visualization - by DiscernIt

The Harp and Bowl Prayer Initiative & the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David by Tricia Tillin

The Way of Cain - New teachings - Where are They Leading Us?

Documentation of the Aberrrent Practices & Teachings of the Kansas City Fellowship - pdf.


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