Apostasy Watch

OSS Ministry is a State of Florida registered Christian organization (1998) with 501 ( c ) 3 status.

We worked mainly with the Haitian Community in South Florida until I permanently returned to Haiti in 2006. 

We have distributed Cassettes and CDs containing readings in Creole of the book of Genesis, Matthew, and John; as well as over 150 hymns from the “Chants d’Esperance” the main Haitian Hymnal. Sermons and bible studies have also been distributed both in Creole and in English. We have held a Bible Study here in Port-au-Prince for 3 years on Monday and Friday. The territory and impact are rather small, but those years of preparation are apparently over. The real work is before us now!

We have two members of the Ministry in the US, and three here in Haiti.  

January 12, 2010 changed everything!   

We can’t just stand and watch. We alone can really provide the guidance and direction to those people… On the second day after this terrifying event, the Lord put my heart to get the website back up, to reactivate all the phone numbers, and to get to work. So that’s where we are, putting things together so we can help.  

OSS stands firmly on the fact that the real need of humanity is to repent and believe in the Gospel of Christ; so the most important aspect of our activity is spiritual. OSS Ministry, (Operation Save a Soul) has four main activities here in Haiti:

1.      Prepare and distribute (free of charge) CDs of the Creole Bible (we need blank CDs and a multiple CD duplicator)

2.      Prepare and distribute worship songs taken from the Haitian Hymnal book (Chants d’Espérance)- (CDs and a duplicator)

3.      Have a daily radio program called “The Bible is the source of Truth” (it would have to be fully sponsored)

4.      Prepare Evangelical greeting cards both in French and English (for a fee – both in Haiti and in the US) – The material can be found in Haiti, and the printing as well. (if that printing company still exists)

Initially, 20% of all received funds will go towards the Ministry’s activities until the costs of running those activities are covered for one year.

Then, the percentage would drop to 12% until the year after is covered

Then it will remain steadily at 8%  

70% to 82% of the funds received by OSS Ministry will be utilized to acquire lands outside of Port-au-Prince (buy or lease) and to build one CAMP unit at a time. We would house Christian families, and build Tent City Units able to hold as many as 100+ people. The duplication of those units would depend on the availability of funds.

1. Each unit would include the following:

a. A dispensary and/or urgent care (5 beds) + volunteers staff from overseas (2week to 1 month tour)

b. A food center able to provide 1 cold and 1 hot meal a day (100 to 125 people)

c. A call center to establish telephone connection for the people with their family members overseas

d. Vehicles (emergency – trucks – pickups) 

e. Water wells and/or reservoir + pump

f. Water treatment facility

g. Shower and toilet facilities

h. Beds, stretchers, mattresses

i.  Facility to lodge the visiting staff and local staff (12 to 15 people)

j.  Generator 20 KW + Inverter and batteries and solar panels

k. Tents and/or mobile homes should initially be used, but we would quickly plan to build permanent houses as finances and construction equipment permit.  

The remaining 10% would cover operation expenses, office and administrative obligations, and other urgent needs. 

Our urgent need at this point is to gather support in order to be able to receive donations and gifts in the US. Brother Alix Blaise, the Ministry’s representative in the US is coordinating the logistical aspect of getting a storage and other related issues. The best route for sending those items is being worked on with another organization in the US. Funds can be received by check or money order, at our mailing address. Donations via credit/debit cards will be possible as soon as the site is up. A page listing items and money donated will be part of the website.

Our US address is:

OSS Ministry Inc.
P.O. Box 246325
Hollywood, FL 33024

Alix Blaise is the Ministry’s US liaison in Florida.

We also have a book called “A Year in Prayer” Published by Xulon Press – People can order the book and a donation will go to OSS Ministry. I am trying to make arrangements with Xulon on that.

(Here is the link to Amazon if you wish to order the book > http://www.amazon.com/Year-Prayer-OSS-Ministry-Inc/dp/159781623X/ref=ase_calligrapwithjimA )

Well, I hope that I was able to answer basic questions people may have. Please express our appreciation to everyone for their prayers and words of support.

May the Lord give us strength, wisdom and intelligence – May the Spirit of God empower us to preach boldly the Gospel of Christ to the lost.  

Guy Mompoint