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Tuesday 3-31-15

Ooop's, Another Pastor Inflates His Resume With an Unearned Doctorate

Hillsong insider: “I was not prepared for what I was about to witness that night”

The Idols of Alcoholics Anonymous

Video - Chris Rosebrough, Debunking Hagee's Four Blood Moons

Mass exorcism of schoolkids leaves many in hysterics as priest attempts to 'banish the Devil'


Monday 3-30-15

Marsha West - Pitiable Capitulaing Pro-Family Leaders part 2

Calvary Temple in Sterling Va. Leaders Accused of Sexual & Physical Abuse

Wiccan priestess to give invocation to Iowa House

34,000 Black Churches Leave PCUSA Over Same-Sex Marriage

Civil Rights Leader Slams Creflo Dollar's Evil Exploitation of Black Communities

Tony Evans: We Can't Use Racism to Condone Irresponsibility in Black Community

What Christianophobia Looks Like in America

Benny Hinn Released from Hospital After Health Scare


Friday 3-27-15

Rare video of Chinese Christians meeting in caves, houses, farms, and secret locations..

How to Find A Good Bible part 2

The Surprising History of Harvard

Israel - Religious Parties Pressed to Pass Anti-Missionary Law

Gay rights activists to Christians: Surrender - or else

Thursday 3-26-15

About the “mantle” NAR’s Chuck Pierce gave to Glenn Beck

Pope Francis Performs (Alleged) 'Miracle' In Naples; Turns Dry Blood to Liquid

Marc Alan Schelske - How to Find a Good Bible part 1

Former Palmerston North 'cult' members tell of emotional scars

George Zimmerman Says Killing Trayvon Martin Was God's 'Plan,' But These Christians Don't Agree

Right-to-die bill, advocated by Brittany Maynard, passes California Senate committee


Wednesday 3-25-15

Good News! - LifeWay pulls 'heaven visitation resources'

NAR Kabbalist Chuck Pierce “mantles” Mormon Glenn Beck

David Jeremiah Brings Roma Downey and Mark Burnett to Shadow Mountain Church

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