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December 2014

12-14-14 A Lesson in Discernment
Examining a false prophecy

12-07-14 The Ministry of Reconciliation
...and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; 2Cor 5:18


November 2014

11-23-14 More on False Apostles

11-16-14 False Teachers Among Us
The death of a wolf

11-2-14 Culture Wars or Revival
Which will it be - moralism or true righteousness?


October 2014

10-26-14 A New Creation
You are a new being in Christ

10-19-14 The Reality of God's Kingdom
Living in the kingdom today

10-12-14 On The Road to Emmaus
Scriptural understanding comes by the Spirit not the flesh

10-5-14 The New Covenant
Understanding the Fufillment of the New Covenant in Christ


September 2014

9-21-14 Finding the Ekklesia
Coming together as the Body of Christ outside the religious system

9-14-14 The Israel of God
A correct worldview matters

9-7-14 Race & Faith in America
Special guest John Bolton discusses race relations from a Christian perspective


August 2014

08-24-14 Some Thoughts on Eschatology
Examining the Amillennial Perspective

08-17-14 Eve of Destruction?
Are current events a portent of the soon coming of the Lord

08-10-14 Presumptuous Sins
Overcoming deliberate sin in our lives

08-03-14 God Ordains Governments to Restrain Evil
Human national governments are Gods idea and are necessary in a fallen world

June 2014

06-29-14 Red Flags
Spotting apostate and heretical ministries

06-22-14 Rapture When part 2
COntinuing our look at the timing of the event known as the rapture

06-15-14 Rapture When? part 1
A look at the timing of the event known as the rapture

06-08-14  Don't Go Down to Egypt
Trust in God wherever He's placed you

06-01-14 You Are Complete In Him
Holding fast to Christ rather than human wisdom


May 2014

05-25-14 The Unity With Rome Agenda
What's behind the Roman Catholic outreach to Protestant Evangelicals?

05-11-14 Typology part 2
James declares the Tabernacle of David is being rebuilt in our day

05-04-14 Typology
Understanding the Old Testament through the lens of the New Testament


April 2014

04-20-14 The Resurrection
The centrality of the resurrection to our faith

04-13-14 Passover
Passover in the New Covenant

04-06-14 All Things Are Lawful
What did Paul mean by this statement?


March 2014

03-31-14 The Brilliant Deception of False Gospels
Today's false gospels give false hope to many

03-23-14 Questions & Answers
I answer listener questions on the Trinity, divorce & remarriage, the name of God and more

03-16-14 A Burning Ember
Guest speaker Gary Bebe asks will you go to church or will you be the church

03-09-14 Your Choice - Law or Grace
Do we overcome sin by keeping the law or by grace through faith?

03-02-14 A Voice Behind You
Jeff Colon of Pure Life Ministries speaks on hearing the voice of God



02-23-14 The Sin Nature
The New Man vs The Old Man: The war that rages within every believer

02-16-14 Blood Moons and Other Omens
Should believers interpret omens to know the times and seasons?

02-09-14  - Jeremiahs Warning for Today
The prophet is speaking to Gods people today


January 2014

01-19-14 - Nephilim, UFO's, the Book of Enoch and More
I am interviewed by Susan Puzio for her Prophetic News Radio Show

01-12-14 Seek First the Kingdom
Part 3 of our kingdom series

01-05-14 The Kingdom of God part 2
The kingdom parables are examined


December 2013

12-22-13 The Kingdom of God
A Present and Future Reality

12-15-13 Making the Connection
Guest speaker Marty Carnegie makes the connection between sin and sickness

12-08-13 Sitting in the Temple of God
The man of sin is being revealed within the harlot church

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