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December 2011

12-18-11 Sons of Men
The natural man cannot understand spiritual things

12-11-11 Sons of the Promise 2
By grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone

12-04-11 Sons of the Promise
Only by faith in Christ does one become a son of Abraham

November 2011

11-20-11 The Fear of the Lord
Matt Washington teaches on the fear of the Lord

11-13-11 Works Based Righteousness part 2
Three attributes of the gospel of self effort

11-11-11 Works Based Righteousness part 1
The insidious false gospel of self effort

October 2011

10-30-11 A Spirit of Covetousness
The spirit driving our culture

10-28-11 Demons & Deliverance part 3
A final word about deliverance ministries

10-23-11 The Resurrection
The physical resurrection of our bodies is an essential article of the faith
and the final phase of God's redemptive plan for us who believe

10-21-11 The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus
Overcomes the law of sin & death

10-16-11 Confronting the Culture
His sheep hear His voice - and others cannot

10-09-11 Demons and Deliverance part 2

10-02-11 Demons and Deliverance
What does the bible teach about demons and deliverance

September 2011

09-30-11 All You Need
He has provided all we need for life and Godliness

09-25-11 To Live I Must Die
Guest Speaker Matt Washington

09-18-11 The New Covenant Communion Service
God has placed his instructions in your heart

09-11-11 The Harlot Church
Why you must come out of the harlot church system

August 2011

08-28-11 A Lack Of Knowledge
God's people lack discernment & wisdom

08-21-11 Grace For the Humble
God's grace is the answer for your inner struggle

08-19-11 Judging Sin Among the Saints
Are we to judge our brethren when they fall into sin?

08-14-11 A Gospel of Works
False prophets always preach a false gospel

08-12-11 The Cost of Following False Teachers
There is a terrible price to pay for joining with false teachers

08-07-11 A Kingdom Not of This World part 2
God's people must differentiate between His kingdom and those of this world

08-05-11 Thy Kingdom Come
Learn to start living in God's kingdom now

July 2011

07-31-11 A Kingdom Not of This World part 1
God has always ruled in the kingdoms of men

07-24-11 Psalm 1 - Blessed is the Man
A dissertation on the first Psalm

07-22-11 Power From on High
What is true Holy Ghost power?

07-17-11 Carnal Weapons
Carnal weapons will not win the culture wars

07-15-11 Use Discernment
Can you spot false doctrine when you hear it

07-10-11 Righteous Judgment
Justice fails when God's people apostasize

07-08-11 Journeys to Heaven and Hell
Are modern accounts of trips to heaven or hell real, or are they deception?

07-03-11 Works or Grace?
National repentance efforts are often based in works. not grace

07-01-11 Destined to Die
If you want life, you must first die

June 2011

06-26-11 Common Ground
The enemies of the gospel seek common ground with God's people

06-19-11 Marks of a False Teacher
Characteristics of false teachers from 2Peter 2

06-17-11 In My Flesh
The battle between flesh and spirit

06-12-11 Textus Receptus vs Critical Text
A discussion of the texts underlying the KJV and modern bible versions

06-03-11 Let Your Light So Shine
Where are the people in whom God's light shines bright?

May 2011

05-29-11 God's Chosen People
Who are God's chosen people?

05-22-11 Scoffers will say.....
Our response to Campings failed rapture prediction

05-08-11 Nicolaitans Today
The Nicolaitan error is still with us

05-01-11 The Missing Ingredient
Repentance precedes forgiveness

April 2011

04-29-11 Works & Rewards
A few words on the passing of David Wilkerson

04-24-11 Easter Idolatry
The Pagan Origins of Easter

04-22-11 It Is Finished
The gospel makes you free!

04-17-11 His Kingdom
The kingdom of God versus the kingdoms of men communion service

04-10-11 A Study in Ephesians part 6
The armor of God

04-03-11 A Study in Ephesians part 5
Marriage and relationships

04-01-11 Jesus learned obedience
Learning to obey the Father

March 2011

03-27-11 A Study in Ephesians part 4
With and introduction from Isaiah3

03-25-11 Discipline Your Body
A follow up to The Truth About Addiction

03-20-11 A Study in Ephesians part 3

03-18-11 The Truth About Addiction
You can be set free from compulsive behavior

03-13-11 A Study in Ephesians part 2

03-11-11 - A Study in Ephesians part 1
Divine Election

03-06-11 - Forgiveness & Healing
Learn how to forgive by faith and emotional healing will follow

03-04-11 Law & Grace
Commentary on Supreme Court ruling plus the necessity of two witnesses

February 2011

02-27-11 To Live I Must Die
Matt Washington delivers a powerful word

02-25-11 The Remnant Revival
God is Calling Forth His People

02-20-11 Not of Works
Does God bless our best efforts?

02-18-11 Light For Darkness
Shining the light into the darkness

02-13-11 True and False
Indentifying false teachers among us

02-11-11 Correction with Mercy
Correct others with mercy & love your enemies

02-04-11 Taking Offense
Are you easily offended? Missions report from Papua New Guinea

January 2011

01-28-11 The Letter Killeth
We must be a Spirit led people

01-21-11 Preparing For Tribulation
You are His workmanship

01-14-11 Come Out Of Her My People
Get out of the harlot religious system before its too late

01-09-11 The Truth About the Rapture
Understanding the rapture

01-07-11 You Must Be Born Again part 2
A few final words on the MacArthur conversion controversy

01-02-11 You Must Be Born Again
John MacArthur doesn't have a conversion testimony