Apostasy Watch

December 2010


12-19-10 The Pagan Roots of Christmas

12-17-10 Dominion-ism Left & Right
Both sides seek dominion in the political realm

12-12-10 The Strength of Sin part 2
What empowers sin in your life

12-10-10 Powerless Grace
Grace that cannot save or deliver

12-05-10 The Strength of Sin part 1
What empowers sin in your life

12-3-10 Grace for Lasciviousness
Marcus Lamb uses God's grace as a license to sin

November 2010

11-28-10 The Doctrinal Purity Test
The letter killeth but the Spirit gives life

11-21-10 The Nephilim Myth
Did fallen angels cohabit with humans?

11-19-10 A Time To Build
Who's House Are You Building?

11-12-10 To Tithe or Not to Tithe
A law versus grace issue

11-07-10 God Wounds and Heals
Confronting sin in the Body of Christ

11-05-10 Apostasy In Review
A look at current events in light of scripture

October 2010

10-31-10  Leadership's Higher Standard
Church leaders must be held to a higher standard & God makes a way out of temptation

10-29-10 Wolf Update
Rick Wiles claims vindication but we look a little deeper

10-24-10 Jesus is Lord & Savior
Can Jesus be your savior but not your Lord?

10-22-10 God or Government
Choose this day whom you will serve!

10-15-10 False Prophets of the Apocalypse
Examining the false gospel of the doom & gloom prophets

10-10-10 Law & Grace part 5
Comparing Arminius, Calvin & Pelagius

10-08-10 Spiritual Abuse
Examining the scandal of spiritual abuse

10-03-10 Law & Grace part 4
The righteousness of God depends on faith

September 2010

9-26-10 Law & Grace part 3
Is Gods grace conditional or unconditional?

9-19-10 Law & Grace part 2
Does righteousness come by faith or by your own efforts?

9-12-10 Law & Grace part 1
We begin a series on the relationship between the law and grace

9-05-10 Superstition
Too many Christians believe fables & superstitions instead of Gods word

August 2010

8-22-10 American Idol
America has become an Idol to Gods people

8-22-10 Seek First the Kingdom
A testimony of Gods faithfulness

8-15-10 The Lord Sends Strong Delusion

8-08-10 The Gospel Sanctifies
Righteousness comes by grace through faith, not by our own efforts

8-01-10 Return to the Lord!
The Lord directs the steps of those who seek Him

May 2010

5-16-10 Christian Jihad
A response to dominionism

5-14-10 If God Be For Us
If we suffer with Him we shall be glorified with Him

5-9-10 The Fellowship of His Sufferings
To know Him and the power of the resurrection

April 2010

4-25-10 James Chapters 3-4-5
Finishing the series on James

4-23-10 They Prophesy Lies to You
Beware the false prophets of Patriotic-Christianity

4-18-10 James Chapter 2
Continuing our series on the book of James

4-11-10 The Holy Ghost part 7
The proper role of tongues in the church

4-9-10 James Chapter 1
We begin a series on the book of James

4-4-10 Easter or Passover?
Which holiday should we connect with the resurrection?

4-2-10 Persecution
Persecution will come first from the apostate religious crowd

March 2010

3-28-10 The Holy Ghost part 6
The baptism of the Holy Ghost is for you

3-26-10 A Sinking Ship
The ship is sinking, will you get in the lifeboat?

3-21-10 The Holy Ghost part 5
The Priesthood and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
in the Old Testament

3-21-10 The Holy Ghost part 4
The Priesthood and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
in the Old Testament

3-19-10 Jewish Fables
Avoiding popular myths

3-14-10 The Holy Ghost part3
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

3-12-10 Divisions Among You
How to handle division

03-07-10 - The Ministry of the Holy Ghost part 2
Refuting the teachings of Monica Dennington

03-05-10 - Fighting For The Faith
The insidious reach of the great apostasy

February 2010

02-28-10 The Ministry of the Holy Ghost
The purpose and mission of the Holy Spirit

02-26-10 Called out From What?
The church is the ekklesia the called out ones

2-21-10 The corrupt Will of Man part 2
Overcoming the flesh by the Spirit

02-19-10 The Corrupt Will of Man
Dependence on your own human willpower
is an exercise in futility

02-14-10 The Plunder of the Poor
God is exposing deception in the church

02-12-10 The Foolishness of Preaching
God uses foolish things to confound the wise

02-07-10 Conformed to His Death
Matt Washington teaches the necessity of death to self

02-05-10 - They Who Wait upon The Lord
Being faithful in the little things

January 2010

01-29-10 Turn My Eyes From Worthless Things
How often are we influenced by things with no eternal value

01-22-10  Wise As Serpents Gentle as Doves
Gods people need to develop a healthy skepticism about what they see and hear

01-17-10  A Few More Thoughts on Haiti & Judgment

01-15-10  The Goodness & Severity of God
Gods judgment on Haiti is a warning to the church in America and the world

01-08-10  Testing the Spirits
 Some thoughts on healing - true & false plus testing the spirits - Christ or anti-christ

01-03-10 Thy Word is Truth