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05-04-16 Steven Furtick Epitomizes Everything That’s Wrong With the Religious System Wolf Related Articles
3-24-16 Jeremiah Speaks Today End Times
The prophet still speaks to us today
07-27-11 Daniel 7 - The Four Beasts End Times
Daniels Vision Explained
12-31-15 They shall look upon me whom they have pierced Apostasy
Zechariah 12:10 – Fulfilled at the Cross
12-22-15 Christians Muslims and Jews – The Same God? Apostasy
Do Christians, Muslims and Jews worship the same God
10-30-15 Superstition - The Fruit of Christian Zionism Apostasy
The Fruit of Christian Zionism
06-11-2015 Abrahams Blessing Discipleship
The Dispensationalist Dilemma
02-11-15 About Those Vaccine Articles Discipleship
Why I am 100% pro-vaccine
12-19-14 Holy Jerusalem? Discipleship
Is Jerusalem the "holiest" city in the world?
11-12-14 Making Disciples Unto Men Wolf Related Articles
10-02-14 Israeli’s Work Around Shemitah Restrictions Apostasy
While God punishes America and the world
08-7-14 Wiles Shuts Down Forum Wolf Related Articles
Rick Wiles shuts down forum, slams critics
05-06-14 Temple Mount Madness Apostasy
Jesus abolished all earthly Holy Places
04/07/14 Daystar's Generosity Apostasy
The Daystar Television Network is Very Generous With Other Peoples Money
07-20-13 Rick Wiles Latest Stunner Wolf Related Articles
Wiles claims God has given him 17 years to complete his mission
04-27-13 WND – Seeing Conspiracy Where There is None Warning
The latest conspracy theory from World Nut Daily
12-04-12 Do you Keep the Sabbath? Discipleship
How do we keep the Sabbath in the New Covenant
10-25-12 The Great I AM Wolf Related Articles
Many come in his name to deceive
07-25-12 Hinn In His Own Words Wolf Related Articles
Benny condemns himself
07-02-12 Framing Angels Falter Wolf Related Articles
Joyner's prayer strategy = epic fail
06-07-12 As Iniquity Abounds Discipleship
The love of many grows cold
03-12-12 What We Believe About Israel Apostasy
12-3-11 The Falling Away part 3 End Times
The True Temple of God
12-01-11 The Falling Away part two End Times
The restrainer
11-05-11 The Falling Away End Times
Rapture or Apostasy - Which shall it be?
03-14-11 When Disaster Strikes....... Wolf Related Articles
Rod Parsley exploits suffering for personal gain
03-05-11 Hurray for the Supreme Court End Times
A victory for speech and religious freedom
01-26-11 A Benevolent Dictator End Times
Does America need a benevolent dictator to make things right
01-06-11 Parody or Reality? Apostasy
It's getting tougher to parody the religious system
11-18-10 Parsley's Power of Ten Discipleship
Using a combination of numerology and faulty hermeneutics, Parsley entices unstable souls
08-26-10 Religious leaders say questioning Obama's faith is out of bounds
So our religious “leaders” think the great unwashed should just sit down and shut up about Obama’s claim to be a disciple of Christ.
06-28-09 All Our Idols Go To Heaven Discipleship
Singers, actors, politicians, celebrities, all our idols go to heaven
03-09-10 MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!! We Have A Problem!
Believers are urged to come to Washington D.C on May 1, 2010 for a day of repentance and prayer.
02-10-10 Kenneth Copeland Thinks You're Stupid Wolf Related Articles
Copeland has a new assignment
2009 Say Not A Conspiracy End Times
Do not say, 'A conspiracy,' Concerning all that this people call a conspiracy,
2009 How Great is This Darkness? Wolf Related Articles
“Because we’re partners with Kenneth Copeland, for every soul that gets saved, we get credit for that in heaven.”
2009 The Watchman Ministry Warning
I frequently get emails asking why I do what I do. This is my response
2009 Gamaliel’s Advice – The Refuge of Wolves, Scoundrels, and Con Men Warning
Many times we have seen false teachers and their apologists use this advice to shield themselves from proper Biblical scrutiny. Even more than a shield, they use it as an implied threat that any criticism of their doctrine or practices is tantamount to fighting against God.
2009 Chuck Baldwin's Blatant Appeal to Violence End Times
Too many Christian leaders falsely equate patriotism with godliness.
2008 Can Bible Believing Christians & Catholics Truly Walk Together? Warning
Bible believing Christians need to understand that Catholic’s are being deceptive when they claim that salvation is by grace alone. They do believe in salvation by grace but in their view, grace can only be dispensed by and through the Roman Catholic Church.
2008 What Manner of Spirit Are You? Apostasy
Many people today, like the Samaritans are seeking God through a mixture of truth and error. Some of them could even be described as having a zeal for God that is not according to righteousness, just as Paul described the Jews in Romans 10. The majority it seems are attempting to establish their own righteousness and in so doing they fail to submit to the righteousness of God in Christ.
2007 Mother Teresa wasted her life serving a false religion Warning
But there is another kind of wasted life that, on the surface isn’t quite as obvious. It is a life seen by the world as being given totally to the service of mankind. The life of a humanitarian or religious figure can be just as wasted as that of the celebrity hedonist.
2007 Wounded For Our Amusement? Apostasy
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- Jesus Christ is crucified and resurrected here six days a week. Snarling Roman soldiers whip and drag him, and somber audience members watch. Some quietly weep at a pageant bloody and cruel ........... That’s right! Now the overfed, fat and happy, rich and sated Laodicean’s of America can be entertained by the spectacle of the crucifixion of Christ.
2007 An Open Letter to J. Lee Grady & Charisma Magazine Apostasy
Well gee, Lee I don’t know about spiritually naïve crowds but I do wonder about cowardly magazine editors who refuse to tell us the names of these wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m sure you think you are doing the body of Christ a service by mentioning these things but the truth is that you and your employer are part of the problem. The people you write about are the very people your magazine promotes with softball journalism and slick cover stories.
2007 Cursed is the Man Who Trusts in Man Warning
Like most Christians who oppose abortion I was pleasantly surprised to learn of the recent Supreme Court ruling which upheld the federal ban on partial birth abortion..........After reading portions of the ruling however I began to have my doubts.
2007 The True Gospel Discipleship
Everybody talks about preaching the gospel but few actually preach it. All the TV preachers collect money so that they can “take the gospel to all nations” but they never seem to actually proclaim the gospel. In fact most of the time you can watch so called Christian TV all day long and never once hear a presentation of the true gospel of the kingdom.
2007 Words of Man or Word of God? End Times
In recent years, however, as I have studied the Bible for myself, it has become clear that the high minded ideals of the founding fathers had little in common with the word of God. In fact much of their writings and rationalizations for war with England were in direct contradiction to the words of the Lord.
2006 Take the Catchers Away! Warning
One morning before a Sunday service I was praying and praising God and thanking Him for opening us to His new move. I sensed the Lord tell me to "take the catchers away.".......We still pray for people, even lay hands on them for healing, but no one, not one person has been slain in the spirit since we took the catchers away.
2006 The Most Yet High Rules in the Kingdoms of Men End Times
The law of the land still sets the people as the ultimate authority. So don’t blame Bush, or Clinton or any other elected leader. God gives us the kind of leaders we deserve. They are a reflection of our nature and character. If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror.
2006 Christian Jihad End Times
The idea that Christians are destined to take back America and rule the kingdoms of this world before the physical return of Christ is a great heresy




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